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1.  Book Publications


Research related to FLP SIG and conducted by members of FLP SIG, there are two book publications in 2010 and 2015. The third one will arrive in February 2017 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:


Can do statements in language education in Japan and beyond. - Application of the CEFR -. 日本と諸外国の言語教育におけるCan-Do評価 – ヨーロッパ言語共通参照枠(CEFR)の適用 –. Edited by Maria Gabriela Schmidt, Naoyuki Naganuma, Fergus O'Dwyer, Alexander Imig and Kazumi Sakai. Tokyo: Asahi Press, 2010. (Sorry sold out.) Second edition (May 2015), now available as e-book. 


Overview and collection of case studies related to the CEFR in and outside Japan.


Connections to Thinking in English: The CEFR-informed EAP. Textbook Series B1(A2+) to B1+. 

Naoyuki Naganuma, Noriko Nagai, Fergus O'Dwyer. Tokyo: Asahi Press. March 2015. 


One purpose of this textbook is to encourage learners to see how can do statements can be used in self-assessment, goal-setting and reflection of level appropriate and suitably scaffolded learning goals in a series of skill-integrated learning tasks. If you are interested in an inspection copy, please contact the SIG.




WAITING, coming soon in February 2017 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > > EPS 6 (English Profile Studies, volume 6)




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2.  The FLP SIG Newsletter


The purpose of the FLP SIG is to share and discuss ideas: we would like to hear what are doing in your classes and institutions. Please feel free to submit your writing for submission to the newsletter. This can come in the form of short reports of full -length articles. It can cover past, present and future activities that you would to discuss or receive advice about. Other articles can include research articles, essays regarding pertinent issues, and reports on conferences or presentations you gave/attended.


The newsletter is published at least two times a year, in spring and in fall. Special editions are published on demand.


Submission guidelines to the Newsletter are available here:


Next deadline for submission is March 31st, 2017 (newsletter  No. 17).



Newsletter #16 (December 2016) is now available (December 29th, 2016):  

The outlook on FLP SIG related events in 2017, reports on the FLP SIG AGM and FLP SIG Forum at JALT International Conference in Nagoya in November 2016. A list on resources for using the CEFR, an overview FLP SIG achievements and the first Call for Papers for a new CEFR related journal. Please have a look, because the deadline for the JALT PAN SIG conference and the JALT International conference in Tsukuba are soon approaching!!!

(File download available below, scroll down this side)


Previous Newsletters:


Newsletter #15, October 2016:  Reports on FLP SIG related events in 2016, esp. the third CriConCef conference in March, at Osaka University (Nakanoshima Campus) with Barbel Kuhn (Bremen) as guest speaker. The PAN SIG in Okinawa and the furthcoming edited volume EPS6 (Cambridge University Press). - The announcement of the JALT International Conference in Nagoya with the FLP SIG Forum, AGM and CEFR related presentations in November 2016.


Newsletter #14, September 2015: Report on FLP SIG related events in Spring and Summer 2015, esp. the second CriConCef conference on June 6th,  at Tokai University with Yukio Tono as guest speaker. - A featured article of Judith Runnels, a detailed report on the survey on the CEFR usage in Japan, pointing out the needs of the teachers. - The FLP SIG and CEFR related presentations at JALT International in Shizuoka in November 2015 (overview).


Newsletter #13, April 2015: Find plenty of reports on FLP related events in 2014/2015, upcoming events in 2015, especially the CriConCef Conference on June 6th, 2015. Please get involved and submit your reserach proposal.  (File download available below)

Newsletter #12, November 2014: Read more in a featured article about the publications in English on the CEFR-j so far by Judith Runnels and upcoming activities in 2014/2015  (File download available below).


Newsletter #11, July 2014 (file download available below): another feature article on implementing the CEFR-J from the “bottom-up”.


Newsletter #10, October 2013 (available here): another feature article on implementing the CEFR-J from the “bottom-up”.


Newsletter #9, May 2013 (available here): a feature article on implementing the CEFR-J from the “bottom-up”.

Newsletter # 8, September 2012 (available here ), includes a feature article from the developers of the CEFR-J. We also hope that the CEFR-J will help promote more function-based, action-oriented approaches in ELT in Japan. Furthermore we hope that this is the start/continuation of a dialogue among FLP SIG members and the wider education community about the directions of language education.  


--The JALT 2008, 2009 and 2010 Conference proceedings are available as pdf downloads below along with our

Newsletter # 1 (2009). This includes a basi an overview of the tools -CEFR & ELP etc.- the SIG is interested in and our goals. Follow this link for Newsletter # 1

In Newsletter # 2 (2009) Alexander Imig contributes an interesting piece offering perspective on the CEFR and the ELP.

Newsletter # 3: (2010) First year of the FLP SIG; Report on the FLP SIG Forum at JALT 2009;  Main article by John Mclister: Could the use of the ELP encourage learner autonomy in English Conversation Classes in Japanese Junior High Schools?;  Can do statements in language education in Japan Call for submissions and other FLP SIG Call for presentations;   CEFR related Oral Examiner training sessions information.


Newsletter # 4: (2010) An  overview of the completed Can do statements in language education in Japan and beyond publication including a table of contents and sections taken from the English, Japanese and German prefaces. Information about the FLP SIG forum and AGM at the JALT 2010. European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages (EPOSTL).


Newsletter # 5: (2011) Focusing on events for 2011 and outlines of possible future directions of the SIG and related matters


Newsletter # 6: (November 2011) Focusing on the FLP SIG forum at JALT 2011 and contributions by members that describe possible future projects of the SIG and it’s members. Also encourages submission to the newsletter regarding past, present and future activities that you would to discuss or receive advice about.


Newsletter # 7 (June 2012) The bulk of the newsletter (download here) is related to the FLP SIG Kaken Project, which aims to research and develop CEFR-informed textbooks.


(Updated on December 29th, 2016 MGS)



Subpages (1): Can do statements in language education in Japan and beyond


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