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The Agenda of the CEFR and Language Portfolio SIG

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and European Language Portfolio (ELP) can be used in curriculum planning, assessment and other related language-teaching matters ranging from elementary school to university level. The Framework & Language Portfolio SIG (established within the Japan Association for Language Teaching see wants to discuss these tools and their relevance for language education in Japan while carrying out projects and communicating the results. There is an emphasis on developing materials to support educators who would like to use these pedagogic tools. Our membership includes educators of several languages.

ヨーロッパ言語共通参照枠(CEFR)とヨーロッパ言語ポートフォリオ(ELP)は、小学校から大学まで幅広く、カリキュラム設計、評価、また、他の言語教育に関連した様々な問題に用いることができる。フレームワークと言語ポートフォリオ研究部会(FLP SIG)は、こうした道具が日本の言語教育において、プロジェクトを実施し、その結果を共有していく上で、妥当であるかを議論するために、全国語学教育学会(JALT)において設立された(。FLP SIGは、これらの教育上の道具を利用したいと望む教育者を支援するための資料を開発することに力点を置いており、複数の言語における教育者から構成されている。



Main activities

 2008年11月設立以来のFLP SIGの活動

●1日または2日に渡るセミナーが開かれ、CEFRとELPの教室における使用について、自己評価、目標設定、内省などのトピックが取り上げられた。また、イギリスからトニー・グリーン氏を招いて、English Profile プロジェクト(現在ではプログラムと呼ばれている)についての講演会を開催した。


●日本の大学で用いるための2言語表記の言語ポートフォリオを、大学の言語教育者向けのELPであるCercles ELPをもとに編纂し、公開した。









結果:EAP textbook





Activities since our formation in November 2008 include:

- Seminars held over one and two days with topics such as use of the CEFR and ELP in classrooms with sub-topics such as self-assessment/assessment, goal-setting and reflection. Other seminars have included with invited speakers from England (Tony Green on the topic of the English Profile programme)

- Forums and presentations at conferences at the JALT National conference ( We have also hosted presentations and workshops at other national conference (for example the CUE, Nakasendo and Pan-SIG conferences)

- Our members have compiled the bilingual Language Portfolio for Japanese University (publicly available, based on the Cercles ELP: an ELP for language education in universities)

- Our first publication in November 2010: Can do statements in language education in Japan and beyond - Applications of the CEFR - (see


23 papers: One aim of this publication is to give specific ideas and resources for educators to bring into classrooms. As a result many of the papers in this volume take on an action research focus. Several other papers seek to explain the development and issues regarding use of the CEFR, the ELP and can do statements


Research activities


Research project- The development of a coherent language teaching system: integration of learning outcomes, teaching materials and assessment methods. Participation in these projects is possible for educators from several of the languages that are taught in Japan. Please contact the SIG. The proposals namely inculde JALT FLP SIG.  


JSPS Grant-in-Aid research projects (in short KAKEN)


KAKEN I 2012-2015: 

Outcome: CEFR-informed EAP Textbook

KAKEN II 2014-2016: 

Outcome: EPS 6 (to be published in November 2016)

KAKEN III 2016-2017: Ongoing, get invovled!


Future planned activities:

We will continue to hold seminars, forums and participate in conferences. Design tool for teacher training.








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This online toolkit is supported by KAKEN Grant-in-Aid project no. 16K02835 and aims to support teachers of all foreign languages in Japan in using the CEFR