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Toolkit for using the CEFR and CEFR/CV efficiently

This homepage aimes to provide pathways throught the CEFR-jungle. This is based on results drawn from colloboration of and with CEFR & LP SIG and members and researchers. This expression and idea "tookit" was introduced by Judith Runnels (2017: toolkit, 2015: tool) and it was used for the Kaken proposal (Kaken-3). The term was elaborated in the EPS 6 book publication (September 2017: pages 41-42)

In order to address teacher's needs classified materials to produce "a hypothetical toolkit which contextualises ... management for successful implementation of the CEFR. Figure 5 illustrates this proposed CEFR implementation toolkit for application in any context with a variety of stakeholders involved in using the CEFR." (Citated from Schmidt, Runnels, Nagai 2017: page 41)

The three pilars are (1) Understanding, (2) Resources, and (3) Training.

The term 'toolkit' was then used during presentations of CEFR & LP SIG in 2017, at the presentation at JACET conference 2017 and JALT conference 2017. One outcome to address this wish for a toolkit, was the book publication 2020. 

There is another aim to provide a toolkit online, which this hompage is trying to provide. Please help with building this Toolkit homepage.


 Helpful Links for using the CEFR

The site of the Council of Europe. Almost all tools are available for free.

For information in Japanese you can see the web-site of the CEFR-J

and the Resources:

For Japanese, I always recommend the website of the Japan Foundation (JF Standard, Japanese as a foreign language).



English Vocabulary Profile (EVP) British English English Profile - EVP Online

English Grammar Profile EGP) English Profile - EGP Online



Designing a support system for innovative CEFR-informed language education

One of the purposes of the Kaken (Kaken-3) project “Designing a support system for innovative language education” is to develop a portal site to help all stakeholders who are engaged in innovative language education reforms based on the CEFR and the CEFR/CV.

The project aimed to accomplish:

 (1) Seek for CEFR related resources and identify information on the philosophy and purposes of the CEFR, syllabus and curriculum design, learners’ assessment, and devices for teacher training.

 (2) Edit and arrange the information identified in a user-friendly manner and put them up in a portal site

 (3) Operate the portal site and examine its usability.


Runnels, Judith (2015): Usage of the CEFR and CEFR-J in Japanese Universities: Preliminary survey results. FLP SIG Newsletter no. 14, page 8 - 18.

Schmidt, Maria Gabriela; Runnels, Judith & Nagai, Noriko (2017): The past, the present and future of the CEFR in Japan. In: Fergus O'Dwyer et al. (ed.) Critical, Constructive Assessment of CEFR-informed Language Teaching in Japan and Beyond. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (EnglishProfile Studies (EPS) 6. 18-48.




 Share your CEFR-tool

In this section you find CEFR-related tools shared with members of JALT CEFR & LP SIG, to be used by the wider CEFR-community in Japan and beyond.

The CEFR and CEFR/CV is used world wide in many ways and contexts. There are two main challenges we may face trying to use it, one is to find and sort out the relevant information for your purpose, and second get aquainted with the contents and the tools to use it effciently for your context. Many teachers ask for a tool box. In order to do so we will start to share those tools which were presented at the "Share your CEFR-tool - meeting" and during other events. This is an exchange on CEFR-related tools which help us to implement the CEFR and CEFR/CV successfully, so it is intended as a round table peer-support-whispering event from practitioners to practitioners.


Article from Shaun Allen will be available soon.


MGS May 20th, 2023

This online toolkit is supported by KAKEN Grant-in-Aid project no. 20K00759, no. 19K00808 and no. 16K02835 and aims to support teachers of all foreign languages in Japan in using the CEFR and CEFR/CV efficiently.