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JALT CEFR & LP SIG has been involved in a series of JSPS research projects, so-called Kaken. Related to the results of this research two books and a textbook were published. Only the first book Of FLP / CEFR&LP SIG (published in 2010) was not related to a Kaken-Project.

The research projects are based on a public competative funding by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

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Kaken 1 (April 1st 2012 to March 31st 2015): Developing a CEFR-informed four-skill-integrated EAP textbook to facilitate autonomous learning and teaching. Naoyuki Naganuma, Noriko Nagai, Fergus O'Dwyer, Alexander Imig.

- Textbook (March 2015): Connections to Thinking in English - The CEFR informed EAP Textbook Series B1 ( to B1+). N. Naganuma, N. Nagai,  F.O'Dwyer. Tokyo: Asahi Press. ISBN: 978-4-255-15561-6

Kaken 2 (April 1st, 2014 - March 31st, 2016): 日欧に於けるCEFRに依拠した言語教育の建設的検証:言語教育の改善を目指して. Fergus O'Dwyer, Noriko Nagai, Naoyuki Naganuma, Alexander Imig, Maria Gabriela Schmidt.

- Edited Volume (September 2017): O'Dwyer, Fergus; Hunke, Morten; Imig, Alexander; Nagai, Noriko; Naganuma, Naoyuki; Schmidt, Maria Gabriela (Eds) (2017) Critical, Constructive Assessment of CEFR-informed Language Teaching in Japan and Beyond. English Profile Studies, volume 6. Cambridge (UK): Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 9781316638231

Kaken 3 (April 1st, 2016 - March 31st, 2019): Title Designing a support system for innovative CEFR-informed language education. Maria Gabriela Schmidt, Naoyuki Naganuma, Noriko Nagai, Alexander Imig, Morten Hunke (2016 & 2017) and Gregory Birch (2019). With Collaborating contributors of FLP / CEFR&LP SIG.

- Article (October 2019): Schmidt, M., Nagai, N., Naganuma, N., Birch, G. (2019). Teacher development: Resources and devices to promote reflective attitudes toward their profession. Language Learning in Higher Education, 9(2), pp. 445-457. Retrieved 18 Oct. 2019, from doi:10.1515/cercles-2019-0024

- Book publication (2020): July 2020: We are happy to announce the publication of our 4th book as a result of our kaken research project no. 16K02835:

Noriko Nagai, Gregory C. Birch, Jack Bower, Maria Gabriela Schmidt

CEFR-informed Learning, Teaching and Assessment: A Practical Guide.

Springer 2020. ISBN 9789811558931To introduce the book see

Kaken 4 ongoing (April 1st, 2019 - March 31st, 2022): Title: Developing a CEFR-informed Mediation scheme (CEFR-MSfAW) for academic writing (composition) in World Englishes. Alexander Imig, J. F. D'Angelo.

Kaken 5 ongoing (April 1st, 2020 - March 31st, 2023): Title:  [アクションリサーチの手法を用いた言語教育改善:CEFRの教育理念を参考にして」, in English “Language Education reform using action research: Consulting the CEFRs educational principles".  Maria Gabriela Schmidt, Noriko Nagai, Naoyuki Naganuma, Gergory Birch, Jack Bower. Including members of CEFR&LP SIG

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This online toolkit is supported by KAKEN Grant-in-Aid project no. 20K00759, no. 19K00808 and no. 16K02835 and aims to support teachers of all foreign languages in Japan in using the CEFR and CEFR/CV efficiently.