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New Kaken 5 research project granted

In April 2020 the next Kaken JSPS research project for JALT CEFR & LP has been granted! This is the 5th Kaken project C in a row since 2012 involving the SIG itself (FLP SIG, CEFR & LP SIG), officers and members of the SIG.

For the members of CEFR & LP SIG this is very good news indeed. Why? - Because they have been explicitly included in the proposal with the title

「アクションリサーチの手法を用いた言語教育改善: CEFRの教育理念を参考にして」

Foreign Language Education Reform through Action Research

Putting CEFR educational principles into practice

It is a JSPS Kaken C project and the research number is 20K00759.


New research project  - Call for Collaboration Click here for Download

In April 2020, we were granted the third JSPS Grant-in-Aid research project (no. 20K00759) directly involving the SIG, and the fifth involving SIG members, on

Foreign Language Education Reform through Action Research

Putting CEFR educational principles into practice

The JALT CEFR & LP SIG is looking for researchers to participate in our latest KAKEN JSPS research project!

The aim of this project is to support numerous small-scale action research (AR) projects related to foreign language teaching in Japan and beyond, in which practitioners reflect on and find ways to improve their teaching practice using the CEFR as a reference tool.

Each AR team will be provided with support and guidance to ensure that their research is conducted in a systematic way in relation to the AR literature and reflective of CEFR principles.

The teams will be grouped thematically around five central themes:

  • Designing a curriculum and / or course
  • Materials Development
  • Assessment
  • Learner autonomy and the European Language Portfolio
  • Classroom Implementation.

These categories roughly follow the chapters of the CEFR & LP SIG’s latest publication, CEFR-informed Learning, Teaching and Assessment: A Practical Guide (Nagai et al. 2020). The book authors and SIG officers will offer support and guidance in their respective areas of expertise while undertaking their own research projects. Each team will also be provided with a succinct review of the AR literature, and an action research framework to guide their research efforts. Ultimately, we plan to publish these case studies in either an edited volume or our in-house journal: CEFR JOURNAL - Research and Practice.


2020: Work with CEFR & LP SIG members to identify research foci and to plan AR projects.

2021: Carry out action research / Collect and analyze data.

2022: Reflect on AR projects and write research up for publication.

This project is related to the JSPS Kaken project no. 20K00759 「アクションリサーチの手法を用いた言語教育改善: CEFRの教育理念を参考にして」. Taking part in it, presenting and/ or publishing will be acknowledged by including your name in the yearly reports and in the final report of the Kaken as research collaborators (研究協力者) during the research period (2020 - 2022). The names of research collaborators will appear in the final report of the ongoing Kaken project, as shown in the previous Kaken project report (see Kaken database link to the reserach project special site).

JALT and the CEFR & LP SIG are included explicitly in the research proposal. Being a SIG member is favorable but not mandatory for taking part in the project. As this is a JSPS Kaken project, the aim is to contribute substantially to foreign language education (English or other languages) in Japan. Yet, the language for presentations and publications should be either in English or in Japanese. If you are interested in participating, please contact the research team.

For more details, see the special project homepage: Kaken 5

Contact: jalt.cefrlp.sig {admark}



Overview of the Kaken research projects

Kaken 1 - JSPS research project C no. 24520611 on developing a CEFR-informed textbook

Kaken 2 - JSPS research project C no. 26370624 on Critical, constructive assessment on CEFR-informed teaching

Kaken 3 - JSPS research project C no. 16K02835 on developing a CEFR toolkit for teachers using the CEFR efficiently

Kaken 4 - JSPS research project C no. 19K00808 on academic writing (composition) considering world Englishes

Kaken 5 - JSPS research project C no. 20K00759 using action research putting CEFR educational principles into practice



(Updated: September 12th, 2020 MGS)

This online toolkit is supported by KAKEN Grant-in-Aid project no. 20K00759, no. 19K00808 and no. 16K02835 and aims to support teachers of all foreign languages in Japan in using the CEFR and CEFR/CV efficiently.