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Newsletter No. 29 - Read here or download the pdf-file (click here)

CEFR & LP SIG Newsletter no. 29 September 2020

Dear members of the CEFR & LP SIG,

The summer heat has just lost some of its stronghold and the next Coronavirus-impacted semester will begin soon. We hope that the challenges in this special year worked out for you so far. As for PanSIG 2020, different opinions were discussed – to cancel or to go online or ... – but finally a very engaged group did take up the hat and PanSIG 2020 was rescheduled and was successfully held online. The CEFR& LP SIG took part in it. Going online with events has become a new normal and CEFR & LP SIG held various joint events, thanks to BizCom SIG’s Alan Simpson and Nagano Chapter’s Jean-Pierre Richard for the inspiring events and wonderful cooperation. Reports on the events will be given in the December-edition of the Newsletter.

This newsletter edition provides some fresh ideas for you to consider and new projects to engage in. Hopefully, you will find something that grasps your interest. The three keywords are research, events, and publications.

Research: The Call for Collaborators related to the new Kaken project begins. Please have a close look at it. We would be happy if you consider taking part in it. See more details in this Newsletter on page 3 and/ or online

Events: On October 23rd to 25th, 2020, we will hold a special Online CEFR and CLIL Symposium & Workshop: The praxis of teaching, learning, and assessment with CEFR and CLIL. Plenary speakers will be Yue-Li Lo (The University of Hong Kong) and Masashi Negishi (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies). Find more information on pages 5-6 and/ or online

JALT 2020 International Conference Online is scheduled for November 16th to 23rd, 2020. CEFR & LP SIG will hold a combined SIG Forum and AGM on Friday, November 20th, 2020 from 19:45 to 21:15 (online).

The CEFR & LP SIG Forum has the theme Aligning CEFR to current practices - Identifying needs of learners and teachers in the classroom - First steps for action research. The outline of the new Kaken project and the Call for Collaborators will be explained.

Find more information on page 7 and/ or online

Publications: We are happy to announce our new book as an outcome of the former Kaken project was published in July 2020 under the lead of our officer Noriko Nagai: Nagai, Noriko, Gregory C. Birch, Jack V. Bower & Maria Gabriela Schmidt. 2020. CEFR-informed Teaching, Learning, Assessment – A Practical Guide. Singapore: Springer. See more details in this Newsletter on page 5 and/ or online

The CEFR Journal – Practice and Research Volume 3 is about to be launched in the beginning of October 2020. The Call for Submissions for Volume 4 is on November 30th, 2020. See more on page 9 and/ or online

Hopefully you will find something appealing to you in this Newsletter!

Please stay tuned to the updates of our events:

If you would like to organize a joint event with the CEFR&LP SIG, please contact one of our officers. We ask all our members to become involved with organizing meetings and mini-conferences and by contributing to our newsletter. We’d love your cooperation to make this happen.

Thank you for being a member of JALT CEFR&LP SIG!


Gabriela Schmidt

Your coordinator on behalf of all officers.


Contents of Newsletter 29 -September 2020


Welcome                                                                                             1

New Kaken-project: Call for Collaborators                                       3

CEFR & CLIL Symposium & Workshop 23rd – 25th, 2020                         5

JALT 2020                                                                                         7

JALT 2020 SIG Forum & AGM                                                               7

CEFR & LP SIG related events at JALT 2020                                       8

CEFR Journal – Research and Practice                                              9

Calls, Planning and Events in 2020-2021 - At a glance                              10



(Updated September 23rd, 2020 MGS)


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