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Newsletter No. 30 - Read here or download the pdf-file (click here)

CEFR & LP SIG Newsletter no. 30 - December 2020

Dear members of the CEFR & LP SIG,

A very challenging year comes to an end. In this Newsletter # 30 we look back and we look forward. The SIG’s keyword for 2020 was COLLABORATION and it will be the keyword for 2021.

The CEFR & LP SIG collaborated with other SIGs and chapters in JALT resulting in a series of high-stake joint events. In April we started to work on the next Kaken research project concerning the CEFR and Action Research and were able to send out a Call for Collaborators building a research team which was the goal for the first year.

For the CEFR & LP SIG 2020 was a year full of activities and we look forward to the next stage of the research and other events in 2021. The CEFR & LP SIG wants to thank the JALT BizCom SIG, the ICLE SIG, the Nagano Chapter, the Akita Chapter and Akita International University for their wonderful cooperation and joint events in 2020.

The outstanding events in the fall were the CEFR and CLIL Symposium & Workshop at the end of October and the JALT 2020 Online conference in November with the Can Do-Workshop and the CEFR & LP SIG Forum. Six other presentations were related to the CEFR.

I want to thank all of the members for their engagement and the officers for their steady support.

We wish you all a pleasant year end and a happy, healthy and joyful New Year in 2021!

Gabriela Schmidt

CEFR & LP SIG coordinator

On behalf of all officers

Alexander Imig (treasurer), Noriko Nagai (membership), Gregory Birch (program), Jack Bower (publication), Naoyuki Naganuma (CEFR research), Mark DeBoer (CEFR & CLIL), Nicole Sonobe (membership assistant), Morten Hunke, Rebecca Schmidt, Valerie Hansford, Shaun Allen (publication assistant)


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