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CEFR & LP SIG Newsletter No. 38 - April 2023 - Read here or download the pdf (Click here for NL38)


CEFR & LP SIG Newsletter No. 38 – April 2023


Dear members of the CEFR & LP SIG,

The cherry blossoms season was much earlier this year. Hopefully you had some time to relax during the spring break and started the new academic year refreshed. In this newsletter we are looking forward to various events, most of them moving to face-to-face. Thank you for support!

In this Newsletter first I answer the questions and comments that CEFR & LP SIG members expressed in the survey conducted last year in November 2022 for the AGM. Thank you very much, it is really valuable to listen to your voices.

Secondly you are asked again to vote on the Best of JALT Award for CEFR & LP SIG related presentations and publications in 2022. The winner will receive the prize at JALT 2023 in Tsukuba.

The next topic is a report by Takanori Omura on the SEACE conference in February 2023. Other reports are always welcome.

This is followed by a list of upcoming events (hosted by CEFR & LP SIG and other groups in JALT), and other conferences in 2023. The focus is on May, especially on PanSIG 2023 (12-14th) with our member Yukie Saito being a plenary speaker, and of course our SIG Forum! On May 5th, we will host an online event - a Special Selection of CEFR Journal Volume 5 articles, and on May 20th we will hold a joint online event with JALT Akita Chapter who invited us.

Hopefully in this newsletter you will find something that draws your attention.
Gabriela Schmidt

Up-coming Conferences in 2023, Call for presentations

Looking forward and planning Conferences in 2023

The next year 2023 will offer a lot of conferences and opportunities to share your teaching experience and research with colleagues going back to face to face, some will stay online:

-----------August 2023 -----------------

 JACET 2023, August 29th - 31st, Meiji University,

-------------- November 2023 -------------------

JALT International Conference 2023, November 24-27, 2023 in Tsukuba,



(July 5th, 2023 MGS)

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