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CEFR & LP SIG Newsletter No. 37 - December 2022 - Read here or download the pdf (Click here for NL37)


CEFR & LP SIG Newsletter No. 37 – December 2022


Dear members of the CEFR & LP SIG,

This year you are receiving a year-end newsletter intending to first look forward to 2023 with a series of conferences coming up and moving to face-to-face. And you receive with this issue a complete officer report of CEFR & LP SIG for 2022, having a solid report at your hands.

Thank you for supporting JALT CEFR&LP SIG!

We wish you all a pleasant and peaceful year-end, and a healthy Happy New Year 2023.

Gabriela Schmidt

Coordinator on behalf of all officers of CEFR & LP SIG

Contents of Newsletter no. 37 (December 29th, 2022)

1. Looking forward to 2023: Upcoming conferences (NL page 2~)

2. The voice of CEFR LP SIG Members (November 2022) (NL page 4~)

3. CEFR & LP SIG Officer Report for 2022 including the complete report submitted to the JALT SRL (NL page 7~)

4. CEFR Journal Volume 5 preview, Call for Volume 6 (NL page 11~)

5. Varia

Up-coming Conferences in 2023, Call for presentations

Call for presentations by

January 5th, for Language Education Expo 2023 (on March 5th)

January 6th, for SUTLF 2023 (on February 18th)

January 20th, for PanSIG 2023 (on May 12th - 14th)

from January 9th until February 9th, for JACET 2023 (on Aug 29th-31st)

February 12th, for JALT 2023 in Tsukuba (November 24th-27th)

February 14th, for JALT CALL (on June 2nd-4th)

Looking forward and planning Conferences in 2023

The next year 2023 will offer a lot of conferences and opportunities to share your teaching experience and research with colleagues going back to face to face, some will stay online:

---------- February 2023 ------------------

JALT Hokkaido & PIE SIG, February 4th – 5th, 2023, face-to-face onsite only,


 SUTLF 2023 Sojo University Teaching and Learning Forum 2023, NanKyu JALT sponsored, Fully Hybrid: Reflections & Reconfigurations on February 18th, 2023,

 ------------- March 2023 -------------------

 Language Education Expo 2023 言語教育エキスポ 2023, Taking place on March 5th, 2023 (still undecided if online or face-to-face), with the Call for papers open until January 5th, 2023 using the following link:, see more information at

JACETの言語教育エキスポに発表・参加申込みいただいた皆様, 1.「言語教育エキスポ2023」 2023年3月5日(日)開催について March 5th, 2023

  • 開催形態: 現在、対面、ハイフレックス、オンラインの3つの方法で実施を予定しています。
  • 発表申込方法: 「30分枠」、「60分枠(2人以上の発表)」「90分枠(3人以上)」を選択の上、発表要旨を200字で2023年1月5日(木)23:59までに Cfp open until January 5th, 2023 See Newsletter までお送りください。お問い合わせは、See Newsletter まで。


JACTFL Symposium 2023, Taking place on March 12th, 2023 at Sophia University in Tokyo from 10:00 am to 16:30 pm, See more information in Japanese:

-------------- April 2023 ------------------

ICLHE East Asia regional group (ICLHE = Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education, CLIL, EMI) 5th annual symposium

April 22nd 2023, Saturday, 10:00am – 6pm, Nagoya University, Theme: Rethinking the 'E' in EMI, Cfp TBA,

 -------------- May 2023 -------------------

 PanSIG 2023, May 12 – 14, 2023 at Kyoto Sangyo University, Call for presentations by January 20th, 2023, See more detailed information at

 -----------June 2023 -----------------

 JALT CALL 2023, June 2–4, 2023 with the theme Calling the Future, in Kumamoto, Call for presentations open until February 14th, 2023,


EALTA 2023, June 13th – 18th, Helsinki,

-----------August 2023 -----------------

 JACET 2023, August 29th - 31st, Meiji University, Call for papers from January 9th until February 9th, 2023,

-------------- November 2023 -------------------

JALT International Conference 2023, November 24-27, 2023 in Tsukuba, Call for presentations until February 12th, 2023,



(December 29th, 2022 MGS)

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