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CEFR Journal - Research and Practice - Volume 1 (May 2019)

Volume: CEFR Journal - Research and Practice Volume 1 (
Date: May 20, 2019
Title: Jumping through hoops and keeping the human-in-the-loop—Interview with Dr Nick Saville
Page: 58-65
Author:  Morten Hunke, Maria Gabriela Schmidt
Abstract: At the JALT International Conference in Tsukuba, Japan, in November 2017, two of the CEFR Journal’s editors delighted in being offered the opportunity to interview Dr Nick Saville (Director of Research and Thought Leadership at Cambridge Assessment English). At the conference, Dr Saville presented a keynote speech entitled Data & Devices: the 4th Industrial Revolution & Learning, as well as a workshop focusing on LOA: Understanding & Using Assessment to Support Learning. LOA here stands for Learning Oriented Assessment.
In the interview, we were hoping to elicit some insights and answers about dealing with technology in language learning, teaching, and assessment, as well as on issues related to the CEFR in general, and the Cambridge English Profile1 series in particular. Towards the end of the interview, we asked some self-referential questions. To make our intentions very clear, we were hoping they might further aid our readers in understanding what we are aiming to achieve by launching this journal. To whom is the journal addressed? And, most importantly, why are we seeing a need for such a journal to fill a space previously sparsely filled at best? We would be delighted were the kind reader to overlook this insolence and not mistake it for improper indulgence or undue navel gazing. Thank you.

Keywords: Japan, CEFR-J, assessment, artificial intelligence, Cambridge Maxims, productive skills
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