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December 29th, 2016


Dear FLP SIG members,


FLP SIG is looking back on a year with a big international conference and editing a volume with the results of the second Kaken research project. The fruits will be visible in February 2017 with the publication of the English Profile Studies volume 6. 
The third Kaken project had been granted in April 2016. FLP SIG is looking forward to 2017 in not only presenting the results, but in conducting more research for the third Kaken project, developing a hands-on tool kit for teachers for using the CEFR efficiently.

The FLP SIG Newsletter No. 16 is now available bringing important information.

Thank you for you cooperation and support of FLP SIG. 

We wish you a pleasant and relaxing year-end.


Gabriela Schmidt (coordinator) with all officers

This online toolkit is supported by KAKEN Grant-in-Aid project no. 16K02835 and aims to support teachers of all foreign languages in Japan in using the CEFR