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June 6th, 2015 


2nd Conference on 

Critical, Constructive assessment of the CEFR


at Tokai University, Takanawa Campus (near Tokyo, Shinagawa)


Room 4201: Building no. 4, Second floor


Conference chair: Naoyuki Naganuma and Maria Gabriela Schmidt



Keynote speaker: Yukio Tono "CEFR-J"




10:00-10:30 Opening: Introduction of the Kaken Project


10:30-11:30 Keynote speaker


 Prof. Yukio TONO (CEFR-J, TUFS)


From CAN-DO to Classroom:


How to pedagogically contextualize the CEFR-J


Yukio Tono leads the research group of the CEFR-J, and is based at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS). This talk will introduce the CEFR-J, and go on to discuss several related topcis including corpus-based reference level descriptions, the alignment of English textbooks to CEFR-J descriptors, the annotation of NHK English database using the CEFR-J, and the use of the CEFR-J at TUFS.

11:30-12:30 Discussion panel including Prof. Tono, and CriConCef members:


Progression of CEFR-based teaching and learning in Japan



*  *  *  *  *

13:30-15:40 Workshops


13:30-14:30 <Workshop 1> ‘The CEFR-J in Practice’ 


Resources handout here




Jack Bower & Yukio Tono


14:40-15:40 <Workshop 2> ‘CEFR(-J) Resources' 


Naoyuki Naganuma, Fergus O'Dwyer & Yukio Tono



*  *  *  *  *

16:00 – 17:00 Presentations, with Discussion:  


CEFR-based implementation in the classroom


(15 minutes each with 10 minutes discussion)


This conference is entirely FREE of charge. 

If you have any questions, please contact the conference chair:

Maria Gabriela Schmidt <flpsig[_@_]>   replace [_@_] by simple @


This conference is funded by the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (project no.26370624)


from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.



In cooperation with JALT Tokyo, West Tokyo, and Yokohama Chapters & JALT CUE SIG. 




(Updated May 24th, 2015 MGS)



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