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‘Critical, constructive assessment of CEFR-based


Language teaching in Japan and beyond’ Symposium


(CriConCef III)


March 26th and 27th, 2016 took place in Central Osaka


Osaka University Nakanoshima Centre (map here)


Conference co-chairs: Fergus O’Dwyer and Maria Gabriela Schmidt


See the schedule below and see the conference handbook below!


 This conference is entirely FREE of charge. If you would like to attend the conference, please email FLP SIG.


This conference is funded by the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (project no.26370624) from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.



March 26th Opening 930-1000


1000-1100 Bärbel Kühn (University of Bremen, Germany)


Plenary: The Past and Future of CEFR/ELP-based Language Learning in Europe


 1115-1215 Mark De Boer (Akita International University)


Workshop: Applying the Principles of the CEFR


--1215-1315 Lunch

(Talk by Bärbel Kühn & Pham Thi Hong Nhung)--


 1315-1400 Fergus O’Dwyer (Osaka University)


Plenary: Toward critical and constructive assessment of CEFR-informed language teaching in Japan and beyond


1400-1500 Jack Bower (Hiroshima Bunkyo Women’s University)


Workshop: Using the ADDIE model to plan and construct a CEFR-based curriculum: Focus on the analysis phase


1500-1600 Arthur Rutson-Griffiths (Hiroshima Bunkyo Women’s University)


Workshop: From can do to classroom: Making classroom materials using the CEFR




Wrap-up of Day 1 (Bärbel Kühn & Pham Thi Hong Nhung), 


with Poster presentations (*** see details below)


1900-2100 Party (details to be provided; some comments by Bärbel Kühn & Pham Thi Hong Nhung)


March 27th Opening 930-1000


1000-1200 Pham Thi Hong Nhung (Hue University of Foreign Languages, Vietnam)


Plenary, followed by workshop: Applying the CEFR to renew general English curriculum: Successes, remaining issues and lessons from Vietnam


--1200-1300 Lunch

(Talk by Bärbel Kühn & Pham Thi Hong Nhung)--

1300-1400 Margit Krause-Ono & Qu Ming (Muroran IT)


Workshop: Applying the CEFR across language curricula


1500-1600 Bärbel Kühn (University of Bremen, Germany)


Workshop: Implementing a tutorial programme with the CEFR and an electronic portfolio (EPOS)


1600-1630 Poster Presentations (*** see details below)


1630- 1700 Final Discussion: Bringing the CEFR forward, strategies and future prospects

(Bärbel Kühn & Pham Thi Hong Nhung)



Poster presentations 


Poster 1            Developing a Portfolio for English as a Tool for Global Communication


      Yukie Saito (Waseda University) Sat & Sun


Poster 2        Implementing the Language Portfolio for Japanese University: A Pragmatic Approach


Gregory Charles Birch (Seisen Jogakuin College) Sat & Sun


Poster 3        Using CEFR can do statements in course design for Japanese university classes


Brad Howe (Adjunct lecturer in Kansai Area) Sat


Poster 4        CEFR-based Placement Interviews for EFL Classes at a Japanese National University


Nicolangelo Becce & Christopher Hennessy (University of Fukui (Japan)) Sun


Poster 5        Developing a Speaking Production and Fluency Curriculum from CEFR


Michael Wilkins (Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto) Sat & Sun


Poster 6        The CEFR in Japan – A critical overview


Maria Gabriela Schmidt (University of Tsukuba) Sat & Sun


All abstracts are available in the conference handbook 

If you have any questions, please contact

(Updated on November 3rd,2016 MGS)

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